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Solé Pharma® Healthcare is a dynamic Latvian pharmaceutical company that produces high quality pharmaceutical products in close collaboration with doctors, pharmacists and scientific institutes, guaranteeing excellent quality and individual approach to each customer, distributor and partner. Thanks to a professional team and modern manufacturing site, Solé Pharma® Healthcare's portfolio includes over 50 different formulas, including worldwide recognizable brands. Solé Pharma® products contain amino acids, herbal extracts, vitamins and micro ele...

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    Olefar® DUO Oil Spray is a fast and efficient treatment for sore throat which reduces inflammation, swelling and pain.
    Olefar® DUO Oil Spray natural composition covers oral cavity and oropharynx. It helps to maintain mucosa moistened and elastic, reduces discomfort and pain, as well as feeling o...
  • Junio·Star® Immunostrong

    Product Junio·Star® Immunostrong

    Junio·Star® Immunostrong is a powerful complex for children’s immune system, based on strong immunomodulatory ingredient yeast beta glucan in combination with essential vitamins and minerals, that effectively reduces the incidence and duration of common cold. Junio·Star® Immunostrong vi...
  • Junio·Star® Ferrochel

    Product Junio·Star® Ferrochel

    Junio·Star® Ferrochel is a complex for children, who needs additional source of iron or in case of iron deficiency. Junio·Star® Ferrochel highly bioavailable iron chelated form contributes to normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin without irritating the gastrointestinal tra...
  • Solvitale® Magnefol

    Product Solvitale® Magnefol

    Solvitale® Magnefol is latest generation magnesium that enriches energy, nerves and muscles. Solvitale® Magnefol magnesium and folic acid ensure continuous synthesis of all the genetic material and uplift cellular energy production, improve nerve and muscle function. Magnesium...
  • Solvitale® Menopause

    Product Solvitale® Menopause

    Carefully thought out composition with natural estrogens for women seeking non-hormonal therapy with clinically proven effect of each ingredient. Manages menopause biggest complaints and symptoms like night sweats, mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal dryness and f...

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    Our priority is to meet all highest quality healthcare requirements for each product and safety standards GMP, ISO 22000, ISO 13485 during manufacturing to be transparent and oversee the entire manufacturing process.