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  • Basic
    Just be there. With a Basic membership you get a basic listing on CPHI Online with limited features.

    Included in your company profile:

    • 3 business products/ services
    • 1 pharma category linked to company & products
    • 1 content piece and news
    • A 400 сharacter company description
  • Silver
    Start unlocking CPHI Online potential. Great for brand awareness, smaller budgets.
    1850 Billed annually
    Annual plan billed monthly

    Included in your company profile:

    • 15 business products / services
    • 5 pharma categories linked to company & products
    • 5 content pieces and news
    • 15 representatives' contact details
    • A 1250 сharacter company description
  • Platinum
    You are looking to generate high quality and high volume leads, with a more aggressive strategy.
    5900 Billed annually
    Annual plan billed monthly

    Included in your company profile:

    • 1000 business products / services
    • Unlimited Pharma categories linked to company & products
    • Unlimited content and news
    • Unlimited representatives' contact details
    • A 2600 character company description
    • 2 featured/top listed news on the homepage and search results
    • 2 featured products on the homepage and search results
    • 4 Gated pieces: Generate GDPR leads

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CPHI Online combines the local and the international for the pharma industry. Members around the world use our platform to explore partnerships and find high-quality buyers.

  • Europe
  • America
  • APAC
  • Africa
Qualified buyers by country
  • Germany 569
  • Italy 449
  • France 318
  • United Kingdom 270
  • Spain 242
  • Switzerland 224
  • Netherlands 121
  • Poland 90
  • Others 704
  • Total 2987
  • United States 912
  • Canada 73
  • Brazil 68
  • Mexico 28
  • Argentina 19
  • Colombia 11
  • Peru 7
  • Panama 5
  • Others 19
  • Total 1142
  • India 2485
  • China 2124
  • Korea, Republic of 198
  • Thailand 99
  • Taiwan, China 57
  • Singapore 42
  • Hong Kong, S.A.R., China 29
  • Malaysia 5
  • Others 268
  • Total 5328
  • Egypt 47
  • Morocco 22
  • Tunisia 20
  • South Africa 5
  • Sudan 5
  • Ghana 3
  • Libya 3
  • Algeria 2
  • Others 6
  • Total 113

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  • 1M
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  • 300+
  • 127,000+
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  • 100K+
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Benefits of joining our community

There are many ways that CPHI Online helps members drive their business forward. Here are a few of the big ones.

Your place in the biggest Pharma search engine
You need to be where buyers go to seek new products and look into a company's trustworthiness. CPHI Online is both the largest and the most established pharma marketplace.
Get quality leads easily
A profile on CPHI Online makes it easy to generate a steady flow of high-quality leads. Requests for information hit your inbox directly, allowing you to follow up quickly and efficiently.
Keep your competitive edge
Many of your competitors are already listed on CPHI Online. Don’t cede the site’s valuable industry opportunities to them.

Track your successes with statistics

CPHI Membership comes with real-time access to performance data, including impressions, traffic, page views and requests for information. CPHI Online makes it easy to calculate its ROI to prove the membership's value to your stakeholders.


Scroll through our most asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at [email protected]

  • How long is the Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership valid for?

    The profiles mentioned are valid for one year. If the membership is not renewed, it will be downgraded to a Basic Profile.

  • I have a Basic Membership - What does this mean?

    You have a Basic Profile if you earlier had a Silver, Gold or Platinum membership or an Event Profile and your membership has not been renewed. You can change your company description, but you can't list any new products or add any content to your profile.

  • What if I don't remember my login or password?

    If you do not remember your password, please click on the Login button on the top right of the screen and then click on the Forgot Password option. If you do not remember your username, please contact a support representative at [email protected]. They will be happy to assist you.

  • What does a Company Profile page look like?

    Here below is an example of a Company Profile.

    Make sure your description covers everything and includes all of your relevant keywords. This ensures your company ranks higher on the users' searches.
    Add as many categories as fit to make your product easy to find. Categories also allow you to group similar products together by classification.
    Add multiples sales representatives, to make it easy to get in contact with you and to make sure you do not miss any important business request.
    Keep your information updated, as CPHI Online is often used to evaluate companies' trustworthiness.
    Add as many products as possible with an image, description, specifications, and every category or tag that applies
    Upload as much content as you can and gate it to get valuable leads. Companies with gated content generate on average 24x more profile traffic and 66% more leads