CPHI Webinar Series

Contract Packaging Outlook: Growth Trends within the Commercial Packaging Sector

25th May, 2023
4pm CET / 10am EST
What will this webinar address?

For pharma companies looking to outsource their packaging needs, Contract Packaging Organisations (CPOs) offer broader expertise, increased flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for a diverse portfolio of packaging formats.

In this edition of the CPHI Webinar series, we review the latest growth trends within the commercial packaging sector, from emerging technologies and considerations for sustainable packaging solutions, to the latest in drug packaging and safety guidelines to meet industry demands.

  • Reviewing current growth factors within the packaging industry and how CPO’s are playing a central role.
  • How technology advancements from CPO’s can help accelerate production, reduce costs and mitigate risk.
  • Breaking down current regulatory guidelines to help understand current processes and avoid untimely delays.
  • How sustainability can be a key differentiator in partner selection
  • Considerations for partnering – when to outsource, what to consider and where to engage with new partners
Nic Hunt
Global Head of Sustainability

Nic Hunt – is excited by the opportunities for materials science to make the world safer, healthcare and give a better quality of life. Lucky to be involved in materials from paper and polymers to carbon fiber, he has been asked to lead divisional functions and businesses across North America and Europe for Berry Global, Amcor, Jabil & JHG. He moved to focus on sustainability from a corporate strategy leadership role and thinks building a sustainable economy as probably the biggest business challenge we face currently.

Alexander Schäfer
Business Development Manager - Europe
Sharp Services

Alexander Schäfer joined Sharp’s European Business Development team in 2014 as Business Development Manager. Before joining the Sharp team, Alexander worked for 20 years for several CMO’s/CDMO’s such as Catalent and NextPharma in different Sales & Marketing related roles covering clinical and commercial manufacturing and packaging services.
Having advised Sharp clients on packaging solutions for over nine years, he has particular expertise in the many specific requirements for packaging of injectable devices – including vials, syringes, pens, auto-injectors and pre-filled syringes.
Prior to his Sales & Marketing career he worked for a major personal care player as Purchasing Manager and as Product Manager. He is a graduate in Business Administration.

Contract Packaging Outlook: Growth Trends within the Commercial Packaging Sector
  • 25th May, 2023
  • 4pm CET / 10am EST
  • 60 minutes
  • Free
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